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How long have you been writing?

The short answer is: I quit my day job in June 2020 and have been writing pretty much non-stop since then.

The slightly longer answer is: I've been writing (in some form) my whole life. I started off writing poetry back in my high school years (we're taking late 90s here people). 

Then that kinda morphed into songwriting - since Lord knows I cannot sing.

Then I wrote for a living...but for corporations, not for pleasure. I love comms and I'm even pretty good at it, but it's not where my passion lies.

And then my writing fell by the wayside until...June 2020!

Are you on Facebook?

Not yet...but I will be.

I will be launching a Facebook reader group in 2021. The reason for the slight delay is that even though I've quit my job, I may need to keep working (depending on how well my foray into writing goes, fingers crossed).

I work in a very conservative industry, so until I am sure I don't have to go back, I can't go all-in on Facebook.

But when I do, it'll be AWESOME!

I am an outgoing person who loves, loves, LOVES meeting people and making new friends. 

So stay tuned - and thanks for your support!

Who are your favorite MM authors?

How much time you got? haha...

I started reading MM in 2018 and I've read hundreds of books in that time. The breadth and depth of writing talent in this genre is truly staggering (and a little daunting for a newbie like me!)

You want me to name names though, right? 

Alright, well I do love the big hitters: Lucy Lennox, K.M Nuehold, Riley Hart, Nora Phoneix, Lily Morton, Eden Finley and the list could literally go on forever.

Who I'm really digging at the moment includes: Mia Monroe, Rebecca Raine, Isla Olsen, Kelly Fox, Daryl Banner and again...the list could keep going and going...

One of my favorite things about MM, is that there's always someone new to discover, so we will never get bored, or ever not have anything ah-mazing to read. Yay!


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